World Vision project


My Role

UX & Web Designer


Full Business Plan & Presentation


Jan 2019 - March 2019

Project Backstory

For this project, my group and I were tasked with solving a plastic crisis in a small town called Santo Nino Norte, Iloilo, Philippines.

Our group created an ecosystem that generates jobs while creating value from the trash in the Iloilo communities. This would be achieved by setting up a small workshop where plastic collected by locals can be brought in and shredded into plastic pellets to be sold or turned into 3D printing filament by our machines.

This video is a short overview of our ecosystem and how Plastinc. works.


Website Design

My personal role on this project was Website developer/designer. In order to inform our clients and the citizens of Iloilo of our ecosystem, I created a website to get the word out. The website outlines every aspect of the project, starting with our video on the front page as well as an immediate overview of the project.



The last item on our header list is “Tagalog” which is how Filipino is said in Filipino. This link is meant to switch the website into a Filipino version so that people who were less comfortable with English are accommodated, while also keeping the English text default for anyone else visiting the site. Although English is an extremely common language spoken in the Philippines, we wanted to make sure the website was inclusive and respected the culture and language that is spoken there.


As we are coming at this problem from a western perspective, we wanted to make sure that we do not adjust or try to remove any of the culture found in Iloilo. Specifically in small towns such as Santo Nino Norte, culture and community is an important part of the lives of everyone involved, so moving our operation into their town as seamlessly with as much respect as possible is an extremely important part of our business plan.

To view the full website click the following link:

Design Process

Web & UX design Decissions

As web designer, I worked closely with the graphic designer on this project to identify brand colours, fonts, logos, and other visual assets. We chose a colour scheme that reflected our brand's eco-friendly mission using mostly shades of green, blue and yellow. On the website, I implemented these colours in a way that would contrast the different sections while allowing the text to remain readable. Because our clients speak multiple languages, I chose a simple sans serif font that I felt would be the most readable.

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 2.30.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 2.30.12 PM.png

Clear breakdown and sectioning of services including Tagalog

Memorable logo

and branding for

company recognition

Large icons for



Simple sans serif

font for ease
of understanding

Chat feature

Colour scheme
differentiation of