Dockside Publishing

Magazine layout, publications and design process


My Role

Contract Graphic Designer


Magazine Design &

Photo editing and retouching


April 2019 - Aug 2019

April 2020 - Aug 2020

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A bit about Dockside

The majority of Dockside’s content is advertisement based in the form of a magazine article featuring local businesses with professional photography and articles.


Working alongside the Art Director, photographers, and writers, I was tasked with creating magazine layouts for advertisements, display ads, covers, listings, and custom projects. Some of my core tasks were laying out pages, picking and photoshopping images, identifying colour schemes, and designing logos.

Scroll down to see a sampling of the projects I designed, or click either of the buttons below to see a walkthrough of a typical project workflow or a gallery of my photoshop work.

Dockside Magzine

6 issues are released per year in Muskoka, Simcoe, Georgian Bay & Kawartha (scroll for more)

Lakeside Magazine

A larger magazine released once a year in Muskoka with a more set, uniform design

Feature Articles

Informative feature articles are included among advertisements in Lakeside Magazine and typically

span 2 - 6 pages (scroll for more)

Flavour Magazine

Flavour Magzine is a food-centric publication released in Muskoka and Simcoe

Display Ads

Display ads designed to be included on back covers, or inside covers

A few insights...

Throughout my contract period at Dockside I acted as the Graphic Designer for the publication of more than 24 magazines. On multiple occasions, clients have reached out to Dockside or come into our office to express how much of an impact an ad that I personally created had on them and their business. Being able to see the impact I was able to make on small businesses and people in Muskoka with my design was one of the most rewarding parts of this position and allowed me to better understand the deep connection between business and design.

Remote work

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, my 2020 work term was completed remotely. Due to the COVID circumstances reducing my supervisor's hours and availability, I was also given much more responsibility and became the sole designer on most projects. Being able to adapt to this new process allowed me to gain much more independence and further develop my problem-solving skills.

To view all of the magazines I worked on in full, follow this link!