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My Role

Digital Marketer


Creating and implementing a
digital marketing strategy


April 2018 - Aug 2018

About the Company

Over the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to work at a forward-thinking 3D printing company called Javelin Technologies. Throughout my experiences working with the marketing team, I was able to learn hands-on skills that I can take with me and apply to a number of creative and professional projects in the future. 


My role

As the Digital Marketing intern, I was in charge of running social media pages, sending promotional emails, editing webinars, creating brochure templates, creating promotional videos, helping to design catalogues, and assisting with the company's rebranding.

Brochure Creation

One of the projects I was in charge of overseeing was creating a number of brochures for Javelin representatives to provide at events or conferences. I aimed to create an easy to read design that reflected the companies brand professionally and effectively. 

Promotional Videos

Another project I took on at Javelin was the creation of three promotional videos for our training department. The videos were created by myself alongside another Javelin intern. My contributions included editing, storyboarding, and co-directing, while he was in charge of writing, filming and co-directing. 


The training committee was exceptionally happy about how these videos turned out and have been using them to promote their services.


Disclaimer: These videos are not publically available as Javelin does not want all of the information given in these videos available to all of their competitors. I have been given permission to include them in my portfolio. Please do not share or reproduce.

Social Media & Email

One of my consistent jobs at Javelin was working with Octopost to schedule and manage all of their social media pages including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. I was able to improve Javelin's posting frequency, as well as raise their follower count. I also took on the responsibility of alerting our customers to important company content and promotional material via email using Pardot.

Event Planning

One of the largest tasks I had at Javelin was project coordinating their largest event of the year "BTS". Some of my responsibilities on this project were organizing all 46 seminars, sourcing and visiting locations for the seminars to take place, communicating and delegating frequently with company representatives at each location with which we were working, as well as all company staff. I would also frequently lead weekly team meetings. The event was a complete success and was a worthwhile experience that taught me very valuable skills in communication, time management, organization and coordination.


Positive Feedback

"Katie completed a full CO-OP term at Javelin Technologies. We are a very dynamic company, working with cutting edge technology, to enable our customer success. We also have a marketing department that is the best in the industry. As a digital marketing intern, Katie completely revolutionized our approach to digital marketing. We were good before, now, because of her, we are outstanding. When asked to participate in creation of training videos, Katie simply took over the whole project. She became the writer, story board artist, director, editor and project manager. The results of her work could be described by only one word: professional. The first impression I got about Katie was not 100% correct. I thought she was just a team player. Is true; she is a great asset for any team, but what I discovered after a while is that Katie has the native attributes of a leader. I strongly recommend Katie for any position in a dynamic company, not limited to marketing. She will be a great asset to your team!"

- Alin Vargatu

Training, Javelin Technologies, CSWE, Elite AE, Avid Contributor to the SOLIDWORKS Community