App Redesign

Process of improving my previous design of an aoo


My Role



App Redesign


Sept 2018 - Nov 2018

Project backstory

This app was designed as a prototype for a business venture assignment. Three other group members and I were tasked with creating a product using two emerging technologies that fill a gap in the market. Using gamification and the internet of things as our two emerging technologies, we created the TERRA device, a small thermostat that connects to your home's heat water and electricity, and allows the user to control and track each from the app. The user also has the option to track their clean transport usage, waste, and gardening habits within the app. By using the app, users can earn badges and prizes based on how environmentally friendly their usage is, and share their accomplishments with friends.


Our Mission

The purpose of the app is to promote the conversation about the environment and the individual steps we can each take to improving it.

App Redesign

In a previous project, I had designed a similar app that served a very similar purpose. As I took the role of app designer, I decided to challenge myself to "recreate" this app in a more visually effective and organized way. In the new "TERRA" (right), I focused on the weaknesses I saw in my previous work (left). I used a more uniform font, and colours that were easy to read off of and understand. I kept the interface simple, uniform, and easy to understand, as well as adding features that realistically would appear on a phone interface such as the time and battery. Overall these changes made the new app much easier to understand and interact with for users, and gave it a more concise, branded appearance.